100 Top 20s: preamble

I’ve decided I do too much writing about things that don’t directly interest me and not enough writing about music I like, so I’m embarking on a brand new blogging project – choose my favourite 100 artists, list my favourite 20 songs for each of them. Sounds pretty easy!

After extensively looking at my music collection and – more importantly – my Last FM stats, I’ve come up with a list of what I think are my 100 favourite artists, conveniently sorted into alphabetical order so you never know what’s coming next. I’ve included a few who I am “done listening to” – I still like them, but I’ve played them so much over the years I rarely play them now as their songs are perfectly etched inside my brain. I’ve left out a few more recent artists from the list who I really did want to include too so it’s not really reflective of what I’m listening to this week/year, but it is my Top 100.

So 100 artists, 100 days, so that takes me up to about 20 December, giving me a few days off for Christmas. Fingers crossed!

China and North Korea 2018

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