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Day 1: Beijing

Day 1 Beijing

China and North Korea 2018

My trip to Beijing and Pyongyang in October 2018.

Top 20 No 5: B-52’s

I’ve seen 79 of my top 100 bands live – so here’s the first of the 21 I haven’t. They read more

Top 20 No 4: Ash

One of those bands for me who just consistently keep putting proper pop songs out without much recognition. Okay, maybe read more

Top 20 No 3: Art Brut

I first managed to catch Art Brut live in April 2004 at the sadly-defunct Metro Club in London (the space read more

Top 20 No 2: A House

This has been a puzzle to me all my life. Do I file A House under A or H? I’ve read more

Top 20 No 1: Abdoujaparov

I’m running through my best 100 top 20s in alphabetical order and for all intents and purposes Abdoujaparov are pretty read more

100 Top 20s: preamble

I’ve decided I do too much writing about things that don’t directly interest me and not enough writing about music read more


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