Top 20 No 2: A House

This has been a puzzle to me all my life. Do I file A House under A or H? I’ve always heard it emphasised as AY House rather than Er House, so it has to be A doesn’t it? I would LOVE to know what everyone’s thoughts are on this (actually, I probably wouldn’t. It’s going under A).

My love affair started when Endless Art came out as a single in 1991. I had a week in Dublin at the end of that year, bought their current I Am The Greatest album, and played it to death for months and months. That album certainly soundtracked the seven days I spent driving around the Irish countryside – including a pointless drive to Sligo and back (there was literally NOTHING there) and a stop in Waterford where I had the best curry chips in my life.

I was lucky enough to catch A House live twice, once in 1992 at the Marquee with Strangelove in support (a gig I remember for Strangelove guitarist Alex Lee almost knocking out a stage invader/failed crowdsurfer) and again in 1994 at the Garage.

Ticket stub for that 1992 gig – originally at the LSE but moved to the bigger Marquee. (Or was it smaller?) Alas, no photos

A House split in 1997 – lead singer Dave Couse, who’s now a DJ on top Irish radio station Today FM, had a couple of solo albums including one very good one in 2005 – The World Should Know – under the band name Couse and the Impossible. I caught him in 2006 live when they played the Water Rats in King’s Cross in London and had the good fortune to interview him while he was eating a pizza at the pub across the road – he insisted I didn’t need to wait for him to finish, and was utterly charming throughout.

1. Endless Art
2. Take It Easy On Me
3. I Don’t Care
4. You’re Too Young
5. Blind Faith
6. Cotton Pickers
7. Why Me?
8. How Strong Is Love
9. I Am Afraid
10. Second Wind
11. Slipping Away
12. I Am The Greatest
13. Here Come The Good Times
14. Creatures Of Craze
15. Live Life Dead Died
16. I Lied
17. Freak Show
18. Kick Me Again Jesus
19. Charity
20. I Hope I’m Wrong

A random A House newsletter from 1994 I found in my big box of music junk

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