Top 20 No 3: Art Brut

I first managed to catch Art Brut live in April 2004 at the sadly-defunct Metro Club in London (the space it occupied is now part of Tottenham Court Road’s crossrail behemoth). Art Brut were the main support to my band of two days ago, Abdoujaparov. While watching the first support act, Rhesus, I was vaguely aware of someone standing next to me in a suit with no shoes on and holding a plastic bag. That someone was Eddie Argos, who clambered onto the stage about half an hour later with a blistering set mostly based around their debut album Bang Bang Rock And Roll.

November 2013, Tunbridge Wells Forum

I’ve caught them another six times since, although not since 2013 – that will hopefully change soon as they are awakening from their hiatus at the moment with a brand new single and album around the corner. They’ve also gone through a number of personnel changes in that time, and while they still sound great, I still remember being up close to original guitarist Chris Chinchilla – sadly now retired from music (I think) and living in Australia – and his guitar work blowing me and the audience away. They were THAT good that night.

My number one of theirs HAS to be St Pauli, a track so good I once drove to Hamburg and drank all night in the club’s Jolly Roger pub opposite the ground because I couldn’t get the song out of my head. (True story).

1. St Pauli
2. Nag Nag Nag Nag
3. Direct Hit
4. My Little Brother
5. Emily Kane
6. Alcoholics Unanimous
7. Good Weekend
8. Post Soothing Out
9. Lost Weekend
10. Formed A Band
11. DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake
12. 18,000 Lira
13. Stand Down
14. Modern Art
15. Summer Job
16. Bad Weekend
17. People In Love
18. Moving To LA
19. Fight!
20. Sexy Sometimes

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