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Setting up a blank app

npm i -g expo-cli 
md animation4
cd animation4
expo init  --npm
when prompted give it a name - > e.g; myTestProject1 (or any name you want)
hit enter to get “blank”, when prompted
cd myTestProject1 // this sets the command line inside ‘myProject’ folder, where you will be doing your work
expo start --tunnel

I’ve used animation4 as the name of the initial folder which holds the projects, and myTestProject1 as the first project in that folder.

To return to a previously saved project:

cd animation4
cd myTestProject1
expo start --tunnel

I may get an error saying

"react-native-web" is added as a dependency in your project's package.json but it doesn't seem to be installed. Please run "yarn" or "npm install" to fix this issue.

If this happens do this and it should work:

npm install react-native-web --force
expo start --tunnel
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