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S19E06 – American Dad Graffito

There was a bit too much 50s in this for me and yes I know that was the point of it all!

This episode came with added gibberish.

  • 86 the toast. What?
  • No shock top. What?
  • You can be Spudnik. What?

86 apparently means “to throw out,” “to get rid of,” or “to refuse service to.” It comes from 1930s soda-counter slang meaning that an item was sold out. No one is really sure why 86, but the most common theory is that it is rhyming slang for nix. Shock Top is a Belgian beer made and served in the USA, which doesn’t really make it Belgian. The logo is a wedge of lime with a mohican and sunglasses and it looks terrible. Spudnik is obviously something to do with Russian satellites and potatoes but I haven’t worked out what yet.

Best bits:

  • “You had one simple job Steve. To gather 500 to 600 Fonzie impersonators at an hour’s notice …”
  • “And happy days is never on! Oh, there it is but it’s a bad one. Too much Potsie.”
  • “Bursting with hungry Fonzie impersonators …” OK, I laughed twice at the Fonzie impersonators bit.

It was pretty good and while I love the go-getter Hayley more than the stoner Hayley, I’m never a big fan of the episodes based almost solely on Stan going mental. Rating: C+

Monday 28 February 2022, 141 views

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