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S19E08 – A Song of Knives and Fire

After Stan decides to become an honorary fireman, Francine injects some fire into their lives. However, their marriage is put to the test after Francine realises that she is getting addicted to arson.

I thought this took a while to get going. Stan is stupid again, and Roger is an arsehole again. Most of the laughs for me came from Francine’s love of fire, which has made me have a long hard think about where I’m going with that.

Best bits:

  • The brick in Francine’s handbag has to be a Father Ted reference? Good to see Reginald again too
  • Francine making crepe suzettes but why the opa? They’re not Greek!
  • Stan trying to work out the arsonist was a repeat of the Steve/Gutenberg episode
  • Francine rapping to Insane In The Brain in her car with a lit menorah in the passenger seat (I can’t believe I remembered the name for that)
  • “I may have to burn a person next”

I couldn’t get into Roger’s knife throwing at all, it just seemed forced. The last 10 seconds is probably not something I want to have on when I’m trying to get to sleep. Rating: C+

Monday 14 March 2022, 147 views

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