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Essex walks

LangfordCanvey IslandUpminsterSouth Fambridge
Tracing the path of a railway line that disappeared 50 years ago.

Canvey Island
A visit to the country's only football club named after a beach.

A walk around the town I went to school in.

South Fambridge
Surely one of the least well-known spots in the county?

West HanningfieldBrentwood - Thorndon ParkTilburyTyler's Green and Magdalen Laver
West Hanningfield
A rare chance to walk along the north bank of the reservoir.

Brentwood - Thorndon Park
A walk through the grounds of Brentwood's 18th century Georgian hall.

A 16th century fort and the biggest ship I've ever seen.

Tyler's Green and Magdalen Laver
Walking between two villages which don't exist.