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The Popes Of Chillitown – Crashmat

Would it be possible to make up a playlist or radio show featuring bands who took their names from the Simpsons who are actually quite good?

This definitely sounds like it would have had heavy rotation on p-rock in the early 2000s but while I’ve moved on from that musical phase I really like this one. Got more than a little PWEI in it, which is a great thing.

This track came out last week and it’s the first single from the forthcoming album “Take A Picture” which is out in June on Criminal Records, a label whose name I feel is also a Simpsons reference although I can’t remember exactly which episode.

I found this track while looking for new releases for my radio show. About 15 minutes later I found a single by London band Pynch – who’ve just released an album called “Howling At A Concrete Moon”. This is getting silly now!

Wednesday 10 May 2023, 11056 views

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  1. I'm not giving my name to a machine says:

    If you’ve since changed your mind about moving on, I Voted For Kodos was an American ska act fitting the paradigm. Recommended tracks: Todd, Wish I Was Aaron

    1. rp says:

      Thanks, I’ll check them out!