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Frogpond – Talk To Me


Yes we all hate Spotify because (1) they don’t pay bands enough and (2) the guy who owns it supports/almost bought Arsenal. But I still find some amazing bands thanks to THE ALGORITHM. You know, play an album and see what it plays next once you’re done.

After playing Ice Cream by Salad (still one of my top 10 favourites ever) this track popped up. It’s from their 1996 album Count To Ten released on (major label) Columbia. Having read the music press voraciously back then, I don’t remember them at all.

Frogpond came from Warrensburg, Missouri and featured Heidi Phillips on vocals and guitar, Kristie Stremel on guitar, Justine Volpe on bass and Megan Hamilton on drums.

They reformed in 2021, put out their first album in 20 years, and are still gigging – although probably not in the UK, because thanks to stupid Brexit no one wants to come to the UK any more. They have an active Facebook page here

Thursday 20 April 2023, 10043 views

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