the red penguin

Czech Republic – day 1

Arrived at the Hotel Kozi Horka at Brno Lake 12 midday. Had lunch and pivos in hotel bar. Checked into our room at 2.00 and fell asleep until 4.30.

At 4.30 there was an introduction by Eric, and then dinner at 7pm.

After dinner we walked to try and find the tram station to go to Brno. Got lost – nobody speaks any English.

Got scared as it got dark and we had been walking for one hour. Got a cab from Hotel Santon on the opposite side of the lake. It cost 150 crowns (about £3.50) – Paul tipped 50 crowns. We were told afterwards we were ripped off.

Got drunk in hotel bar.

Saturday 20 August 1994, 546 views

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