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Czech Republic – day 3

We went on the excursion to Brno today.

We had a short orientation tour with Robert from Hotel Jelenice. He was quite good and told us a lot about the local history and architecture.

We then had ages to look around the shops. We took ages trying to find a bank which would give us a visa advance and finally found the CS Czech Savings Bank.

It was a very hot day and we spent most of the time sitting down. Tried the local Pegas beer which is brewed at the Pegas Hotel, but it smelt like perfume and wasn’t very nice – although for 20p a pint what do you expect?

We had lunch at a pizza restaurant where the waitress had shorts on that showed her bottom; also the food was quite nice.

On the way back from Brno the coach took us to a market which sold very cheap alcohol – brought Baileys, Malibu and something Czech for Jackie and Jon. It was a very tiring day.

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