the red penguin

Czech Republic – day 2

Had trouble getting up for breakfast at 8.15. After breakfast Paul fell asleep again. Went to the lake at 11.00. Sunbathed as it was very hot.

Went for lunch at 12.30 at a mini-restaurant on the lake side. They couldn’t understand us and seemed offended that I only wanted chips.

We ordered pivos and the waiter then brought us two glasses of a clear liquid which looked like pure alcohol. It looked disgusting but Paul felt that if we didn’t drink it they would kill us.

After drinking one glass each he brought us a second. Paul drunk his all up but helpfully knocked mine over.

For the rest of the day Paul was drunk. This didn’t stop him drinking pivo in the afternoon. He fell asleep at 4.15 and I had trouble waking him up for dinner at 7pm.

We decided not to journey into Brno tonight as Paul couldn’t walk.

Sunday 21 August 1994, 529 views

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