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Czech Republic – day 4

Today we went to Prague, which meant getting up at 6.30am for a 7am breakfast.

It took 2½ hours to get there on the coach and it was raining heavily by the time we were dropped off on the outskirts of Prague to get the Metro into the centre.

Everyone was in shorts and t-shirts because the weather had previously been so good, and we all got soaked.

Yaric took us on a short tour of the city because we had lost the other coach of people. After the tour we had time to look around Prague for ourselves – it is a lovely city with so many things to look at and a really buzzing atmosphere.

There were hundreds of crystal and glass shops – you were spoilt for choice. Ended up buying myself a crystal and one for Jackie as a birthday present.

We had lunch in an expensive restaurant by Czech standards where the food was not that good. We also visited McDonalds and Harveys as well.

We had pivos in the town square where hundreds of people were waiting to see the clock chime on the hour.

The rain cleared up halfway through the day and it turned out quite nice in the end. Arrived back at Kozi Horka at about 8pm with dinner waiting for us.

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