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Czech Republic – day 7

Our last full day here so we decided to go into Brno by ourselves to do our souvenir shopping. It took about 1 hour to get there via bus and tram.

The shops in Brno do not really cater for tourists because they probably don’t have many, although there are a few good crystal shops and a shop specialising in wooden things, where we bought Andy and Sue’s present.

It was raining up until midday but we still walked around the shops for hours.

Paul wanted to go to the Post Office to look for stamps for his dad. The lifts in the building were the most dangerous I have ever seen. They have no doors and do not stop at any floors – you just have to jump in and out while they are still moving.

Paul nearly missed getting in and pulled his way into the lift as it was zooming up at quite a speed. Not to be recommended, but Paul thought they were great.

We had lunch in a nice restaurant in the centre of Brno. After this we got the tram coming home, doubling back because we missed our stop.

We went to a plane which has been made into a cafe. It is really weird, as it is in the middle of nowhere and looks out of place.

Inside it has the original seats and cockpit, which has been made into the bar area. We had 1 pivo each.

Whilst waiting for the bus back to Kozi Horka a nutty peasant-looking Czech woman started talking to us in fairly good English about communism.

Had our last evening the hotel bar drinking cheap pivo.

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