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Beabadoobee – Here’s Where The Story Ends

I hired a car in the USA for two weeks in 2015. Quickly found out that I had Sirius XM in it, and really enjoyed listening to it – for about a week. Then it stopped, so I’m guessing someone paid for a subscription that ran out. It’s a really weird concept if you’re from the UK, to have satellite radio in your car – and you WILL find a genre that you like. I found myself listening to a very specific early 90s grunge station that didn’t just play Nirvana, but a ton of bands from that era I didn’t really know. There was probably an early 90s UK indie channel and a loungecore channel too (I miss the loungecoure channel on Sky Digital, which was there in its early days).

Anyway, a very recent cover of an 80s song by a 20s artist. Doesn’t add much to the original for me, but very pleasant listening on a Sunday morning.

Sunday 21 August 2022, 2256 views

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