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On the scoresheet at last

Today Alex is in the squad for Burnham Ramblers’ senior team for the third time. It’s a home game against May & Baker in the Thurlow Nunn League First Division South (Step 6 of non-league or the 10th tier of English football).

Last night I dreamt that Burnham won the match 4-0. Alex came on as a sub with 15 minutes to go and scored. And then with 5 minutes to go, I was called on as a sub too and I got the final goal.

I wasn’t actually aware that I was in the squad, even though I appeared to be wearing Burnham kit and was standing by the pitchside. I had to ask Alex what number I had on my back. (It was 19, and he was wearing no 13).

My goal was a classic too – I was standing about a foot away from the goal line, the ball came my way, I had a swipe at it and it hit my shin and went in. The rest of the team celebrated the goal but they didn’t come over to me because they weren’t really sure what I was doing on the pitch.

After the match I spent ages looking for a report of the game in the Daily Mail but couldn’t find it. I went back to the club and found the sheet that goes off to the FA which confirmed the two of us as goalscorers.

I have never been more disappointed to wake up from a dream as I did today.

Saturday 24 October 2020, 859 views

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