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Vero – Heather

I have been listening to a lot of female-fronted (not a genre) indie pop lately, but I’m just rediscovering/revisiting Vero’s excellent album Unsoothing Interior, which came out in May.

They’re a band from Stockholm and have nothing to do with the would-be social network of the same name. The discordant nature of some of their songwriting means they have more in common with Elastica than bands like the Sundays or the Darling Buds, but I love all of them so it’s really not a problem.

Just need to find out when they’re going to play a gig in the UK now, as info on their activities is a bit sparse to say the least.

I love the backdrop in the video here; reminds me of going into the shops in Romford in the 80s and 90s. Stacks of televisions all playing something different for some reason!

Monday 3 October 2022, 3833 views

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