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Whatever happened to …?

I was looking at a 2006 incarnation of this blog which had a few links in the sidebar called “other good stuff to read”. Whatever happened to these music blogs? (Links to the dead sites not included).

  • Good Weather For Airstrikes – nothing there any more. Just a message saying “Error establishing a database connection”.
  • Like Flies On Sherbert – looks like it’s been taken over by an Indonesian scammer.
  • No Rock & Roll Fun – this one’s still there! Not very active these days though, just wakes up around Eurovision. The last post was in May 2021 and was about Liz Truss not knowing what she was talking about. How little we knew of what was to come …
  • Obscure Sound – this one is still here too and it’s busy! 7 posts yesterday alone. I don’t know any of the artists so I should probably check them out. There’s a staggering stat on the front page too … “Send us your music!  Our stats: 69,742 received, 3,181 approved (7.4%)”
  • Silence Is A Rhythm Too – still exists, but hasn’t been updated since December 2013.
  • Take Your Medicine – since redirected to another blog, Nothing But Green Lights – but should be nothing but red flags as it’s infected with malware.
  • The Torture Garden – this was a music blog, honest! But it’s now closed, saying “this blog is open to invited readers only”.
  • Unarocks – the blogspot this was hosted on has been taken over by a spammer.
  • Whatever’s Left – seems to still be alive, but a scripting error means that it fails to load.
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