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Art Brut, Home Counties – Heaven, Charing Cross

A real ticket in 2022! Woo!

Off to Heaven this evening under the Embankment arches to see my first gig here in 29 years. Tonight was a family outing, with Mrs Penguin and two of our three kids in tow (the two with the good music taste).

Heaven hasn’t changed much from what I remember in 1993, but at least we had a good view – last time we were at the back, in a room that’s very long and thin – not the best for seeing a band in.

This was my 10th Art Brut gig and possibly the best one – I know I say this a lot, but they really were on fire tonight. And Modern Art just keeps getting longer and longer! This was probably not a good idea, as there were many, many references to the venue’s curfew.

Still, they really should play more often (and release more stuff too).

Support was from another Alcopop! band, The Home Counties – and loving what we heard of this too. Looking forward to more from them in the future.

Thursday 27 October 2022, 512 views

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