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Star Shaped Festival – Ritz, Manchester

Bands seen: Sleeper, Space, Dodgy, My Life Story, Salad Undressed

Weekend in Manchester! We stayed in a fantastic hotel, the Principal, and had a great time watching the Bands From The Nineties.

We were of course here for the Star Shaped Festival, which I think was the first gig Sleeper announced on their comeback – although of course I saw them last month too.

The Ritz is a good venue whose name has been taken over by that terrible mobile phone operator who think they have the right to monopolise our culture. I’m obviously still smarting from that time at the Wireless Festival in 2005 when I wasn’t allowed in a music tent to see Client because I didn’t have a phone on their network.

I also picked up my Star Shaped/Chemical World mug which gave me four years of high-volume tea service before the handle broke off it.

The drive home was pretty good too, travelling through the beautiful Winnats Pass in the Peak District at 9.30am in the morning …

… and enjoying a breakfast at the quirky Peak Hotel in Castleton.

    Salad Undressed setlist:

  • Granite Statue
  • Your Ma
  • I Want You
  • Being Human
  • Nowhere Near
  • Motorbike To Heaven
  • Diminished Clothes
  • Wanna Be Free
  • Relationship Dust
  • Yeah Yeah
  • White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover)
  • Drink The Elixir

    My Life Story setlist:

  • Breathe In/Breathe Out (Exileinside cover)
  • The King Of Kissingdom
  • Motorcade
  • Neverland
  • Empire Line
  • 24 Hour Deflowerer
  • Emerald Green
  • Funny Ha Ha
  • Sparkle
  • Strumpet
  • Fall-In (Adam and the Ants cover)
  • Mr Boyd (Argosy cover)


  • It’s A Girl Thing
  • 12 Reasons Why I Love Her

    Dodgy setlist:

  • In A Room
  • Water Under The Bridge
  • You Give Drugs A Bad Name
  • Good Enough
  • A Mended Heart
  • Found You
  • California Gold
  • If You’re Thinking of Me
  • Never Stop
  • So Let Me Go Far
  • Staying Out For The Summer
  • Grassman

    Space setlist:

  • Happy Clowns
  • Begin Again
  • Avenging Angels
  • Killswitch
  • Mister Psycho
  • The Ballad Of Tom Jones
  • Sharks
  • Female Of The Species
  • Me & You Vs The World
  • Neighbourhood

    Sleeper setlist:

  • Pyrotechnician
  • Dress Like Your Mother
  • Delicious
  • What Do I Do Now?
  • Lie Detector
  • Statuesque
  • Vegas
  • Nice Guy Eddie
  • Atomic (Blondie cover)
  • Inbetweener
  • She’s A Good Girl


  • Miss You
  • Lady Love Your Countryside
  • Sale Of The Century

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