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Tom Hingley and the Kar-Pets, Kingsley Beat – The 100 Club, Soho

A rare gig where I was put on the guest list! I don’t normally bother asking for guest list places any more. I only want to go to gigs I want to see and if I want to see it I’m happy to pay. But I did an interview with Tom recently who was lovely (although a little mad as a box of frogs) and he put me on the list for his show.

Tom left the Inspiral Carpets in 2011 and his gigs with the Kar-Pets are pretty much Inspirals gigs. The band sound fantastic live and his voice brings back a lot of memories.


  • Commercial Reign
  • Find Out Why
  • Directing Traffik
  • Keep The Circle Around
  • Bitches Brew
  • Move
  • Joe
  • I Want You
  • She Comes In The Fall
  • Two Worlds Collide
  • Caravan
  • Generations
  • Sackville
  • Saturn 5
  • Dragging Me Down
  • This Is How It Feels

Kingsley Beat

Thursday 28 July 2016, 437 views

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