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They Might Be Giants – Junction, Cambridge

My first TMBG headline show for 24 years! They don’t play in the UK very often, and for several years I’d lost my way with them, having played their first few albums incessantly in the early 90s. I think I fell back in love with them with 2004’s The Spine, 2007’s The Else and – particularly – last year’s album Glean. None of them sound particularly different from the output they’ve been putting out prodigiously over the last 30 years.

This being the Junction, we were all hemmed in like sardines again (don’t they have health and safety laws in Cambridge?) but we managed to get on the back wall – which is not actually too far from the stage in this odd-shaped room – and had a decent view of the proceedings.


  • Can’t Keep Johnny Down
  • They Might Be Giants
  • Music Jail, Parts 1 & 2
  • Why Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent Gas) (Tom Glazer cover)
  • Answer
  • The Statue Got Me High
  • Meet James Ensor
  • (Unknown instrumental sort of western / jig)
  • Doctor Worm
  • Alphabet of Nations
  • Authenticity Trip
  • Rhythm Section Want Ad
  • Your Racist Friend
  • Bills, Bills, Bills (Destiny’s Child cover)
  • Turn Around
  • Cloisonné
  • I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar (Jonathan Richman cover)
  • Older
  • Let Me Tell You About My Operation
  • Birdhouse in Your Soul
  • Trouble Awful Devil Evil
  • Man, It’s So Loud in Here
  • Fingertips
  • Memo to Human Resources
  • Don’t Let’s Start
  • Damn Good Times


  • Particle Man / Here You Come Again / Particle Man
  • I Love You for Psychological Reasons
  • Twisting

    Encore 2:

  • Dead
  • Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (The Four Lads cover)
  • Robot Parade

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