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Thousand Yard Stare, Pacers – The Lexington, Islington

Back in December I received this missive from Thousand Yard Stare:

Weatherwatchers, Shindiggers and Yardies assemble!
We are delighted to announce a special two night residency at the intimate and beautiful The Lexington​ in London next June.
Each night will be a different set, the Friday will feature tracks from our fabled EPs, and the Saturday will cull from our studio LPs. This will give us the chance to air several tunes we haven’t played in over 25 years (alongside our usual faves of course), and even some we have never played! No pressure, then..

Considering this re-union was meant to be a one-off gathering at the Borderline back in 2015, leading to incredible shows at the legendary 100 Club the past two years, we are truly astounded and humbled by the support we have continued to receive.. and that’s all down to you lot..thankyou thankyou. We feel we are playing better than ever, so thought we should KEEP IT ALIVE a little longer and do something a little different.

This is the only time we will do this, so be sure to GET WHAT’S YOURS

I did indeed get what’s mine; signed up for both gigs on the spot. Tonight – a great show, as always. And I always enjoy going to the Lexington for some reason – it’s not the easiest venue to get to. Looks like I got very close to the front too! Good to hear some tracks I’ve never heard live before, like Wish A Perfect and Standoffish from their Comeuppance EP.


  • Wish A Perfect
  • Heimlich Maneuver
  • Keepsake
  • Comeuppance
  • Another And On
  • Village End
  • Buttermouth
  • Version Of Me
  • Twice Times
  • Action Stations
  • Three Doors Down
  • 0-0 A.E.T.
  • Wideshire
  • Standoffish


  • Strange (Wire cover)
  • Wonderment

Friday 8 June 2018, 471 views

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