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Ynys, Gillie – The Victoria, Dalston

My first gig of the year, and off to east London for a free gig to see two highly-tipped Welsh acts, Ynys and Gillie.

Gillie’s set was very short and sweet but definitely worth getting in early for.

Ynys’s self-titled debut album came out last year and is still getting a lot of airplay at Red Penguin towers. The album is really well produced and very layered with a lot of complex instrumentation.

I wondered how they were going to replicate that dense sound live in a tiny venue and the answer was – very well indeed. Three synths on stage probably helped – a lot of synths for an artist who is definitely not an electronic act.

Pretty much all of the current album was played – and I’m looking forward to catching them again some time.


  • Mae’n Hawdd
  • Exile
  • There’s Nothing The Sea Doesn’t Know
  • Tro Olaf
  • Welcome To The Island
  • Môr Du
  • When Do You Know
  • Newid
  • Everybody’s Talkin’ (Fred Neil cover)
  • Caneuon
  • Aros Am Byth

I’m not sure what happened to my videos – they’re very, very soft-focused. Did I finally get that super-cool art-school look I’ve been striving for? Or did I just forget to wipe the lens?




Ynys, taken by the band. Can you see me in it?

Ynys on gig night, taken by the band

Another video clip of Caneuon I found somewhere, taken on the night by someone else

A stupid portrait-shaped e-ticket from

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