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Divine Comedy – Empire, Shepherd’s Bush

Back for my 11th Divine Comedy gig and my 9th at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, a venue that takes so long to get to from Essex it might as well be in Wales.

Much of tonight’s gig was playing out recent album Office Politics, which is very weird by DC standards. I’m still not sure how much I like it, but I do know there are some fantastic songs on there and Neil’s band still sound fantastic live.

Particularly like the little acoustic section where they all club together on one square foot of stage. It was good of the crowd to start shouting at those people still talking during the quiet parts too! WHY do people DO THIS??


  • Europop
  • Queuejumper
  • Generation Sex
  • Commuter Love
  • Office Politics
  • Norman and Norma
  • Come Home Billy Bird
  • The Synthesiser Service Centre Super Summer Sale
  • Infernal Machines
  • You’ll Never Work In This Town Again
  • I’m A Stranger Here
  • At The Indie Disco
  • I Like
  • National Express
  • The Life and Soul of the Party
  • A Feather In Your Cap
  • A Lady of a Certain Age
  • Absent Friends
  • When the Working Day Is Done


  • Something for the Weekend
  • Philip and Steve’s Furniture Removal Company

    Unplugged encore:

  • Your Daddy’s Car
  • Songs of Love
  • Tonight We Fly
Thursday 17 October 2019, 600 views

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