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Fightmilk – Signature Brew, Haggerston

My 5th Fightmilk gig in just over a year, and almost exactly a year since I saw the same band in the same venue.

Different set though as a few new ones are creeping in now. I bumped into the band’s producer who said that new music – possibly a new album – would be out later this year. Also had a good catch up the record label boss Jack. Alcopop! are hitting the target for me so many times at the moment I feel like a bit of a groupie.

Another great show and the new songs are sounding good too. And bold move from the band to continually plug a different beer to the venue’s beer, since the venue itself is a brewery!


  • Cool Cool Girl
  • My Best Me
  • Banger #7
  • If You Had A Sister …
  • Hey Annabelle!
  • Summer Bodies
  • Four Star Hotel
  • I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space
  • No Souvenirs


  • A Praise Chorus (Jimmy Eat World cover)
  • Overbite

Thursday 26 January 2023, 402 views

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