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Republica, Freya Beer – Powerhaus, Camden

A really, really rubbishly-designed e-ticket from AXS

Some people might consider the walk along the Regent’s Canal Towpath from Camden Road station to the Powerhaus is a bit of a mugger’s paradise, especially on a Friday night in December, but I never feel unsafe doing it and I actually really enjoy it – nice to see a hidden part of London.

Got there just in time to catch Freya Beer – good set, although not sure what to make of it musically. But that’s my problem, not hers!

Republica are still going strong, playing a handful of gigs and festivals every year. This was my 8th Republica gig, and my 7th since I caught their comeback show in 2010.

The setlist is pretty much the same – their unreleased 3rd album has been sitting my record collection for a couple of years now, still waiting for a release. Occasionally they’ll play a song from it, but it’s mostly the hits with a smattering of decent non-single album tracks too. It was, of course, up to their usual high standards.

The show wasn’t a sell out – I think we’re getting to that part of the year when people are doing Christmas parties. I don’t normally see so many gaps in the crowd at their gigs. I don’t have the setlist; sadly no one posted it this time!

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