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CJ2, For The Love Of Bob – Society of Old Brentwoods, Brentwood

I put on 20 gigs in just under 3 years at the Society of Old Brentwoods. Not the best venue – no stage, gear had to be humped up to the first floor with no lift, but good sound guys and good bar management and staff which made it easier.

Not referring to the two acts here – but I lost my passion for promoting a monthly show with local bands who could always do with the exposure (and some money, and lots of pizza). I got a bit fed up with bands not showing up, not publicising the show, demanding more payment when I agreed what they’d get weeks beforehand, wanting content taken down shortly after we put it up, etc. (It won’t come down from a personal blog though).

Was nice while it lasted but all things come to an end. I put this on with local promoters The 99th Floor.

BTW I’m not dissing CJ2 or For The Love Of Bob here. No problems with either of them!


For The Love Of Bob

Friday 2 September 2016, 544 views

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