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Salad, S*M*A*S*H, Jesuscarfish – The Soundhouse, Leicester

Ticket no 2 – I am sure I’ll get no 1 one day!

Good to revisit this venue after seeing the Darling Buds here a couple of years ago.

Honestly don’t know a lot about Jesuscarfish other than they are “dark, noisy pop” and from Leicester, but they were pretty good.

I know a bit more about S*M*A*S*H. I think this might have been billed as their last gig, I can’t quite remember (I’m writing this up in 2022) but they certainly played it as if it was. Probably the best time I have caught them live so far.

And it’s hard to say what I feel every time I see Salad. Just getting better and better. This is the 9th time I have seen them live and the 7th since they reformed less than two years ago. I stayed in Leicester overnight so I wasn’t in a hurry to leave the venue quickly – it was great to catch up with Marijne, Paul and the band after the gig too.

    S*M*A*S*H setlist:

  • Drugs Again
  • 5:45 (I Thought I Was Right)
  • Venezuela
  • Lady Love Your Cunt
  • Shame
  • Art Therapy
  • Erin
  • My Father, The Sky
  • My Father
  • Another Love
  • Real Surreal
  • Seymour (Without Regret)
  • Morphine

    Salad setlist:

  • Heaven Can Wait
  • Granite Statue
  • Cardboy King
  • Being Human
  • Diminished Clothes
  • Big Monkey Girl
  • Evergreen
  • On A Leash
  • Sweet Depression Ballroom
  • Your Ma
  • Namedrops
  • Motorbike To Heaven
  • Kent
  • Lift
  • A Man With A Box
  • Wanna Be Free
  • Drink the Elixir


  • Nowhere Near
  • Yeah Yeah
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