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The Primitives, Jetstream Pony – The Lexington, Islington

My first proper non-socially-distanced inside gig since the start of the pandemic! Which did make me a bit worried – although I have been double-jabbed so I probably shouldn’t have been worried. The rest of the audience should be more worried that they’re going to catch my Cold That Won’t Go Away.

Got in early to watch Jetstream Pony, who I had enjoyed interviewing recently, and their set was short but very sweet.

Added bonus that I’d managed to claim some of the padded seats on the left of the venue – the ones you can’t see in the dark.

The Primitives’ set was fantastic – but also short and sweet. Lots of music; only about 50 minutes or so. But still great to see them once again. When I bought Lovely on cassette back in 1988 I wouldn’t have imagined I’d be watching them play the songs live 33 years later.

The photos weren’t great – I wasn’t that close and the lighting at the Lexington is feeble, to say the least. My new S21 did its best!


  • I’ll Stick With You
  • Thru The Flowers
  • Spin-O-Rama
  • Stop Killing Me
  • Sick Of It
  • Lose The Reason
  • Petals
  • Rattle My Cage
  • Run Baby Run
  • Where The Wind Blows
  • Buzz Buzz Buzz
  • Really Stupid
  • I’ll Trust The Wind
  • Empathise
  • You Are The Way
  • Nothing Left
  • Crash
  • Way Behind Me


  • Spacehead
  • Everything Shining Bright
Saturday 4 September 2021, 547 views

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