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Darling Buds, Nightingales – The Lexington, Islington

This is a horrible e-ticket.

Nicer poster!

Back to the Lexington to see another Darling Buds show – my 5th gig of theirs since they reformed four years ago this month.

Not so familiar to me were The Nightingales – active throughout the 1980s and championed by John Peel, so I undoubtedly heard them on the radio at that time but I don’t recall much from them at all, so it was good to see them live.

Definitely no disappointments from the Darling Buds once again. It’s good to hear them sneak a few newer songs into their set too.


  • The Things We Do For Love
  • Hit The Ground
  • It’s All Up To You
  • Twenty One Aches
  • Please Yourself
  • The Other Night
  • Complicated
  • Tiny Machine
  • Sure Thing
  • Let’s Go Round There
  • Fall
  • Long Day In The Universe
  • Turn You On
  • Isolation
  • It Makes No Difference
  • Evergreen
  • Honeysuckle


  • Shame On You
  • Burst
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