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Franz Ferdinand, Albert Hammond Jr – Corn Exchange, Cambridge

I had a seat for this one!

Only my 4th Franz Ferdinand gig in 14 years, touring their new album Always Ascending.

I’ve never been a massive Strokes fan. Well, I was for about a couple of weeks. I thought Hard To Explain was a fantastic track and bought it on 7 inch, at a time when vinyl wasn’t cool, because it was the only format they had in Our Price. But everything after that never quite lived up to that for me. Albert’s solo show was pretty enjoyable though, even though I knew none of the songs. The lighting wasn’t very generous for anyone taking photos from the balcony though.

Franz Ferdinand put on a great set – tracks nicely spread out across their career. More light too! Some of my photos actually came out quite nicely!


  • Always Ascending
  • The Dark of the Matinée
  • No You Girls
  • Paper Cages
  • Do You Want To
  • Lazy Boy
  • Walk Away
  • Lucid Dreams
  • Lois Lane
  • Michael
  • Slow Don’t Kill Me Slow
  • Take Me Out
  • Ulysses
  • Feel the Love Go


  • Glimpse of Love
  • Love Illumination
  • Huck and Jim
  • This Fire

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