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The Others – The Garage, Highbury

My 10th Others gig, and amazingly my first one for nearly 11 years, since I caught them at the Half Moon in Putney. And I haven’t been to the Garage since 2009 when I caught the Sultans of Ping here. Definitely a night steeped in nostalgia!

They don’t play a lot of gigs these days to be honest – this is possibly only their second gig since Glastonbury 2013. Records on are sketchy, and they frequently get confused with the dozens of other bands around the world with the same name. I know they played a gig last year, but I couldn’t make that one as I was on holiday. I still chat to Dominic online and keep meaning to meet up with him again at some point.

The night started badly for me – I’m on a keto diet, so went out to a Turkish for dinner before the show, where I had a small amount of meat for £12. But it all improved once I made it into the Garage.

The gig is to celebrate the release of the band’s 4th album Look At You All Now which was released four days ago as a free download on Bandcamp. The new songs are sounding strong, and the old classics are too. The show ended with half the audience getting up on stage with the band. Hopefully it won’t be another decade before I catch them live again.

There’s more of them in the band every time I see them. Love the old West Pier in Brighton though!


  • Lackey
  • Books and DVDs
  • Don’t Think You Know Me
  • Disdain
  • The Truth That Hurts
  • Decadent Clothes
  • Nowhere To Go
  • Where Is The Love
  • Stan Bowles
  • Southern Glow
  • Paranoid Times
  • Rob Peter To Pay Paul
  • Rights
  • Probate
  • Who Cares
  • Double Pernod
  • William
  • This Is For The Poor

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