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Fightmilk, The Travis Waltons – Signature Brew, Haggerston

Off to a new venue, Signature Brew in Haggerston. In fact it’s a new “town” for me too – I’ve lived within 20 miles of London all my life and I don’t think I had even heard of Haggerston until recently. The experience was a pleasant one, and the first pictures you’re going to see are my pizza and Sardinian beer which I had in Gordos Pizzeria in Kingsland Road before the gig, which were both quite excellent.

This being my third Fightmilk gig in as many months, it was pretty much more of the same but a great show nonetheless. Support was from The Travis Waltons, who I hadn’t heard before but I am checking out as we speak. Venue had good acoustics and a generally good vibe too, so another great night out.


  • Lucky Coin
  • Hey Annabelle!
  • The Absolute State of Me
  • Four Star Hotel
  • If You Had a Sister…
  • Banger #4
  • Cool Cool Girl
  • I’m Starting to Think You Don’t Even Want to Go to Space
  • Dreams (Cranberries cover)
  • Overbite


  • How You Move On
Saturday 29 January 2022, 972 views

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