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Salad, Maschina, Burnout, Stick In The Wheel – High Tide Festival, Twickenham

It’s been a while since I was last in Twickenham – probably 1999, playing Scrabble by the river (as you do).

Salad were playing a free “in the streets” type of festival and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get down and see them for the first time in nearly two years – since I was hoping to see them in Colchester last month, but the gig sadly cancelled.

There were thousands of people around, all mostly drinking beer and cider in the packed streets. There were a couple of hidden stages and I caught some pretty good local/unsigned bands, including Maschina and Burnout.



Saw most of the Stick In The Wheel set while waiting for Salad to come on. A woman standing next to me hated them – and didn’t waste any time telling me every 60 seconds. She still stayed and watched it all.

Thankfully she had gone by the time Salad came on. About an hour-long set and considering the vast majority of people there weren’t hardcore fans there was a brave selection of album tracks and B-sides in the setlist. And I got a shout out from the stage, which was nice and a little bit embarrassing!


  • Kent
  • The Selfishness Of Love
  • In The Dark
  • Problématique
  • Terrible Day
  • Things In Heaven (first live performance)
  • Under The Wrapping Paper
  • Your Face
  • Details
  • Drink the Elixir
Sunday 26 September 2021, 572 views

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