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Franz Ferdinand – Concorde 2, Brighton

Whenever I’ve seen Franz Ferdinand live I’ve usually been right at the back behind a 6’6″ audience – or so far away at a festival that I was practically in the next town. So when I got the chance to go to an “instore”, I thought I might have a chance of getting close to the front.

It was a Resident Records instore – moved to Concorde 2 on the seafront. Another new venue for me, and a great show as they ran through an hour of singles to promote their Hits To The Head compilation. Tickets were only £10 each, which included a CD copy of the album, which I had to pick up from the record shop. I wonder how many people, like us, weren’t able to go and get it. I’m not too worried as I have all the albums anyway …


  • Curious
  • No You Girls
  • The Dark Of The Matinée
  • Walk Away
  • Right Action
  • Billy Goodbye
  • Darts Of Pleasure
  • Love Illumination
  • Michael
  • Do You Want To
  • Take Me Out
  • Ulysses


  • Always Ascending
  • Outsiders
  • This Fire
Friday 11 March 2022, 1601 views

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