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Dream Wife – Audio, Peckham

Not just a new venue for me but a new experience. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Peckham before. I’ve only heard about it on Carter USM records.

Audio is a very smart new venue with a lot of split levels, which means a lot of places to stand and get a good view.

Dream Wife were showcasing new material from their 2nd album, So When You Gonna … which was to come out six months later.

The songs sounded great live … but I honestly found the album itself a little bit disappointing and not as good as their self-titled debut. The production didn’t seem quite right for me – I can’t put my finger on the exact problem, but it didn’t sound 90s enough like the first album did. Showing my age!

That last picture was taken by someone else and not me. I’m lurking in the shadows somewhere …


  • Hey Heartbreaker
  • So When U Gonna Kiss Me
  • Fire
  • Hasta la Vista
  • Cheap Thrills
  • Somebody
  • Kids
  • Sports (first live play)
  • Conga Line
  • F.U.U. (long version)
  • Let’s Make Out


  • So When U Gonna Kiss Me (yes, again)
Thursday 23 January 2020, 665 views

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