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Sea Power – Esquires, Bedford

Ah welcome back Esquires, with your sticky floors and your funny sign in the men’s toilets.

Another gig I had bought tickets for before the pandemic kicked in – I bought it on 7 February 2020 to be precise. The original date on the ticket was 14 June 2020, which was then rescheduled to 12 February this year, and then 9 April, and then finally 29 October.

And another chance for me to explain to my dear readers that I still have no idea how far away Bedford is. I think it’s just outside Essex. It took an hour and a half to get here, which wasn’t bad – and two and a half hours to get home, thanks to our study country finding something else to be stupid about, and closing large chunks of all major roads and motorways between Bedfordshire and Essex. A 75 mile journey on a Friday night which is basically all motorway shouldn’t take 150 minutes …

Due to a family illness I was in two minds as to whether to come out tonight, but I was helpless to get involved with that any more, so I decided to go to take my mind off it. And it was another faultless performance for my 18th SP/BSP gig, although it was a bit disappointing that Valhalla Dancehall was completely overlooked – my second favourite of their albums behind Decline, but not a fan favourite at all it seems.


  • Heavenly Waters
  • Machineries Of Joy
  • Oh Larsen B
  • Doppelgänger
  • Spring Has Sprung
  • What You’re Doing
  • The Lonely
  • Two Fingers
  • Lights Out For Darker Skies
  • North Hanging Rock
  • We Only Want To Make You Happy
  • Folly
  • No Lucifer
  • Bad Bohemian
  • Remember Me
  • Carrion
  • All In It


  • A Trip Out
  • Waving Flags
  • The Great Skua
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    I enjoyed this.

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