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Carter USM – Virgin Megastore, Charing Cross

This was the launch show for Worry Bomb, the band’s 5th studio album, and the final of their four consecutive top ten albums (this one reached no 9).

Having taken a Monday off work for the occasion, I was there with a work friend who I’d turned into a Carter fan. We were mostly standing in the record racks and didn’t have a perfect view.

So I was fairly astonished to find in 2020 that someone had posted video of the whole thing to YouTube! Good work, “This Is The Sound Of An Electric Guitar”!



  • Cheap ‘n’ Cheesy
  • Let’s Get Tattoos
  • Gas (Man)
  • Turbulence
  • God, Saint Peter and the Guardian Angel
  • The Only Loony Left In Town
  • The Young Offender’s Mum
  • Trouble
Monday 6 February 1995, 367 views

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