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Pop Will Eat Itself – Academy 2, Islington

My first PWEI show since the 2005 Reformation gigs. Couldn’t believe this was the first chance I had to see the newly-reformed PWEI – I’d missed them on their first tour back in 2011/12.

Just like Menswear earlier this year, I couldn’t really care that it’s not the original band – although I miss Clint at the controls, it’s still got the main songwriter and co-vocalist in Graham Crabb and the rest of the band has been really well put together. Mary Byker is a great frontman.

And for a bunch of old geezers they have a hell of a lot of enthusiasm and bounce still left in them. More than me at the moment, anyway.

It was a perfect place to see them – small sweaty club, adoring crowd enjoying every minute of it. A good mix of new songs which are now slotting seamlessly into their set. I must have enjoyed it too – I took five videos.


  • Back 2 Business
  • Preaching to the Perverted
  • Dance of the Mad Bastards
  • Everything’s Cool
  • Radio P.W.E.I.
  • Wise Up! Sucker
  • Chaos & Mayhem
  • Nosebleeder Turbo TV
  • R.S.V.P.
  • Reclaim the Game (Funk FIFA)
  • PWEI-zation
  • Ich bin ein Ausländer
  • There Is No Love Between Us Anymore
  • Watch the Bitch Blow
  • Get the Girl! Kill the Baddies!
  • Babylon
  • Oldskool Cool


  • Def Con One
  • Their Law

Sunday 25 May 2014, 356 views

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