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Archetype – The Hermit Club, Brentwood

A gig to celebrate the reopening of the Hermit Club. The Club has had a long history – Motorhead played here at least twice in the late 70s. It’s hard to find much about the club now. It was run for years by Essex County Council’s Youth Service, who demanded some years ago that bands with members over 19 years of age couldn’t play there – and people over 19 couldn’t watch either!

That’s a terrible way to run a music venue – and when the new leaseholders took over, the Council forced them to keep the age thing as a covenant. Needless to say, this venue did not put Brentwood back on the map in future years.

Archetype were a local band. I never heard from them again after this gig. The one and only video on YouTube didn’t get any comments in 10 years either. So many bands lost to the annals of time!

Friday 25 January 2013, 191 views

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