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Bis, Ace City Rockers – The Lexington, King’s Cross

One of my favourite bands from the 90s in one of my favourite venues from the nows, what could go wrong?

This was my 300th gig, not bad over 25 years and a bit, almost one a month!

My first Bis gig for 16 years and it was a real cracker. I remember watching Bis when I was in my mid-20s surrounded by a lot of teenagers (and younger) and feeling just a bit out of place, even though I loved the music (particularly debut album The New Transistor Heroes, although it was all good). Now I’m surrounded by a lot of people my own age which was reassuring, even though a lot of them seemed to have decamped from Glasgow for the week. To be honest I think a lot of them were the same teenagers, they’d just aged really badly and looked older than me now.

Bis were brilliant, and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. I managed to camp very close to the front of the stage and was unbudged all night.

Was very pleased with the videos, sound always comes out good at the Lexington:

Managed to catch a bit of the support, Ace City Rockers, too:



  • Action And Drama
  • Hit Girl
  • School Disco
  • I’m A Slut
  • Starbright Boy
  • Boredom Could Be Good For You
  • Icky-Poo Air Raid
  • Kandy Pop
  • Burn The Suit
  • Kill Yr Boyfriend
  • No Point
  • Robotic
  • Eurodisco

Friday 29 June 2012, 131 views

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