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Bis – The Lexington, King’s Cross

I do realise that I went to see Bis at the Lexington a year ago (and wrote about it here) so I thought there might be a big bucketload of deja vu but I had such a good time last year I decided to do it all over again.

The Lexington was sold out again but I gave the support band a miss – it was the same one as last time. Manda Rin was still jumping around a bit considering she was about 28 weeks pregnant. She gave birth 16 days later, so the gigging might have had something to do with that … oh and she was live tweeting during the birth. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the world we live in, but I digress …

The set was very different to last year and it ended with a rare outing for the Powerpuff Girl Theme which I don’t think I’ve ever heard live before. Some guy put a playlist up on Youtube here with the whole concert recorded, which was nice of him! In case it disappears the set list was:

  • Starbright Boy
  • Burn The Suit
  • Silverspoon
  • Kill Yr Boyfriend
  • Darkness
  • Monstarr
  • School Disco
  • Theme From Tokyo (was shown as Lesbian Cat on the band’s setlist!)
  • Rulers and The States (a Data Panik song)
  • Eurodisco
  • Boredom
  • Secret Vampires
  • Kandy Pop
  • I’m A Slut


  • This Is Fake DIY
  • Theme From Powerpuff Girls

Thursday 25 July 2013, 321 views

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