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Primitives – Chinnery’s, Southend-on-Sea

I’m not a Smith, so I’m trying to think which Smith I went to this gig with!

Second time seeing the Primitives and although I don’t think they were quite as tight musically tonight as when I saw them in 2010, the gig was a bit more intimate and more fun.

I interviewed Tracy and Paul before the gig and they were very friendly, offering me some wine out of a coffee cup that they were drinking out of. That might be a reason why they weren’t quite so tight – but what the hell. I loved it.

They played 21 songs in all and were on stage for about 65 minutes, Short, sweet and frantic as usual!


  • We’ve Found A Way To The Sun
  • Crash
  • Spacehead
  • Carry Me Home
  • Shadow
  • Thru The Flowers
  • Dreamwalk Baby
  • I’ll Stick With You
  • Nothing Left
  • Stop Killing Me
  • Out Of Reach
  • Run Baby Run
  • Don’t Want Anything To Change
  • Buzz Buzz Buzz
  • Really Stupid
  • Lose The Reason
  • Sick Of It All
  • Rattle My Cage
  • Way Behind Me
  • Turn Off The Moon
  • Panic

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