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Bleech, Beverly Kills – The Portland Arms, Cambridge

Been a while since I was at the Portland Arms, one of my favourite small venues in the UK. I wasn’t put off by the fact that I have another 125-mile round trip to Cambridge tomorrow evening.

Only the second time I’ve seen Bleech which seems wrong considering the number of times I’ve played their album, Nude, since it came out last June. They were fantastic but they should playing to more than 50 people in the backroom of a pub on a Tuesday night. No wait, I like it like that! They had a couple of newer songs too so hopefully the second album isn’t too far away.

Support was from a local pop-punk girl (or possibly grrrl) band, Beverly Kills. (I’ve got the spelling right, the poster didn’t!)


  • Here I Am
  • Dancing Without You
  • I Wanna Be Me
  • Weirdo
  • 70s Child
  • The Worthing Song
  • Break My Nose
  • Flowerhands
  • Taking Over
  • Not Like You
  • Mondays

Tuesday 26 February 2013, 388 views

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