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Hafdis Huld – Phoenix Artists Club, Charing Cross

I hadn’t seen Hafdis Huld live for 5 years so I felt I was long overdue to get up to that London and see her perform. My friend Vanda from Hungary was over in the UK and she is a fan of Hafdis too so it seemed like perfect timing.

The venue was very odd and I hadn’t heard about it at all – it was like a bar with a bookshop out back, which didn’t really sell any books. There were a couple of rows of chairs in front of the stage and no one was really sitting down until about 2 minutes before she came on, so I managed to grab a good seat.

After the set we managed to have a chat with her as it had been a while since I’d got her down to Brentwood.

Monday 20 October 2014, 475 views

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